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Xenics Lynx

Shortwave infrared (SWIR) line scan camera

The Xenics Lynx range of high sensitivity uncooled InGaAs (Indium Gallium Arsenide) line scan cameras utilise Xenics' latest technology to offer high performance SWIR imaging in a highly compact package.

Lynx cameras are ideal for a wide range of quality assurance applications. The small form factor and sensor size allow high precision imaging while supporting the creation of small vision systems at the same time.

The Xeneth software with an SDK and a Graphical User Interface allows easy set-up and control of infrared cameras and acquisition of images.

Reasons to choose the Xenics Lynx

SWIR imaging with high speed

With a line rate up to 40 kHz and a 14-bit A/D conversion, the Xenics Lynx is perfectly suited to high speed scanning tasks such as online quality inspection.

High resolution sensor

The Lynx features line widths up to 2k pixels. This exceptionally high resolution helps detecting even very small production failures and solve even difficult SWIR applications.

Reliable inspection of silicon based material

As silicon-based material only becomes transparent at a wavelength of 1350 nm, SWIR imaging is used for photoluminescence inspections in the solar industry. Material defects, inclusions or fractures are visible. These non-contact and non-destructive testing techniques enable rejects of substandard objects at an early production stage, resulting in increased production efficiency, reduced production cost and improved quality 

Proven industrial interfaces

The series offers standard interfaces as CameraLink and Ethernet (GigE Vision) for an easy and flexible connection to the PC. Thanks to these standardized industrial imaging interfaces, a wide variety of vision software can be used for data processing.

Xeneth: Graphical user interface to setup, control, record and measure temperature

Xeneth is a graphical user interface that allows for easy set-up and control of infrared cameras and acquisition of images. All IR camera control settings such as integration time, AD settings, detector temperature and gain can be optimised by the user.

Nearly all settings can be uploaded to the cameras after their configuration for a smooth standalone operation with e.g. 3rd party machine vision applications.

The standard software is supplied, for free, with every Xenics camera for easy set-up and control of the camera.


  • Spectral band 0.9–1.7 µm
  • Resolution: up to 2048 pixels
  • Line rate: 10 kHz or 40 kHz
  • Pixel size: 12.5 µm or 25 µm
  • Features: integration from 1µs to several minutes, integrate while read / integrate then read, snapshot acquisition
  • I/O: trigger in and out, LVCMOS, free running or user selectable frame size
  • Interface: GigE Vision, CameraLink
  • Camera Configuration: fully GenICam compliant; using Xenics Xeneth Software or any SDK
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 55°C or -40°C to 70°C

Markets and Applications

  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • Food inspection
  • On-line process control
  • Web processing
  • Non-destructive inspection
  • Agriculture monitoring
  • Moisture measurement
  • Biomedical and chemical applications
  • Pollution and environment monitoring
  • Semiconductor process monitoring 

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Model Horizontal res. (Px) Max. line freq. (kHz) Interface Lens mount Sensor type Pixel size (µm) Sensor length (mm)
XENICS LYNX-1024-CL 1024 40.0 CameraLink C-Mount InGaAs 12.50 12.80
XENICS LYNX-1024-GIGE 1024 40.0 Gigabit Ethernet C-Mount InGaAs 12.50 12.80
XENICS LYNX-2048-CL 2048 10.0 CameraLink C-Mount InGaAs 12.50 25.60
XENICS LYNX-2048-GIGE 2048 10.0 Gigabit Ethernet C-Mount InGaAs 12.50 25.60
XENICS LYNX-512-CL 512 40.0 CameraLink C-Mount InGaAs 25.00 12.80
XENICS LYNX-512-GIGE 512 40.0 Gigabit Ethernet C-Mount InGaAs 25.00 12.80
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Xenics User Manual Lynx GigE&CL | UMN018-R003
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Xenics Xeneth Installation Manual | 2.6 (ENG-2016-UMN006-R001)
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Xenics Xeneth User Manual | 2.6 (ENG-2013-UMN004-R001)
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Xenics-Lynx-SQ | 2021/06
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