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Opto Engineering

Opto Engineering have been designing and manufacturing optical and illumination systems for the machine vision industry since 2002.

They are the partner of choice for many of the major machine vision companies and system integrators worldwide thanks to the quality, reliability and simplicity of their products, their clear and comprehensive documentation, as well as to the extensive technical support they consistently provide to all of their customers.

Opto Engineering MC ZR - Multiple-magnification optical systems
  • High resolution optical systems to work as macro lenses
  • Flexible for object format changing
  • Four magnifications can be set automatically or manually
Opto Engineering PC BP - Panoramic Cavity Imaging and Measurement from Inside
  • Inspection of cavities from inside to see hidden internal features and defects
  • Detection of tiny defects over a wide angle
  • 3D measurement capability through LED pattern reflection
Opto Engineering PC HI - 360° Inside View in Perfect Focus
  • Perfect focusing of both, the walls and the bottom of holed objects
  • Cavity inspection from the outside
  • Very high field of depth and wide viewing angle

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Opto Engineering TC 2M 24 Data sheets 593.6 KB
Opto Engineering TC 2M 48 Data sheets 584.7 KB
Opto Engineering TC 2M 64 Data sheets 572.2 KB
Opto Engineering TC 4M 04 Data sheets 563.7 KB
Opto Engineering TC 4M 07 Data sheets 635.5 KB
Opto Engineering TC 4M 16 Data sheets 591.7 KB
Opto Engineering TC 4M 36 Data sheets 599.7 KB
Opto Engineering TC 4M 56 Data sheets 602.4 KB

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Telecentric illuminators with high-power LED light


Opto Engineering’s LTCLHP series of telecentric high power illuminators have been specifically designed to back illuminate objects imaged by telecentric lenses.

MCZR series – 4x macro revolver with motorized control


Opto Engineering´s new MCZR series of multiple-magnification optical systems combine high resolution imaging with the flexibility of object format changing.

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