Take advantage of our comprehensive and bespoke consulting.


For over 25 years STEMMER IMAGING has offered PC based vision systems tailored to the requirements of an individual customer's application. These systems have been used in a wide range of applications including factory floor automation, 2D and 3D measurements, surface inspection, print and packaging automation, robotics, reading and verification of labels and part codes, as well as high-speed image recording.

The experts at Stemmer Imaging research, test and validate the wide range of PC systems and components available on the marketplace to ensure compatibility with our range of imaging components before they are are added to our portfolio. The extensive performance testing ensures the chipsets used can deal with the high data transfer rates required when processing images and that the processors can maintain full performance due to suitable thermal design. All components are thoroughly cross checked to ensure their interoperability and the longevity of supply is also taken into account during selection, something that is not common with standard office grade computers. If any components need to be changed, our integration team have validated alternatives ready, removing the need for our customers to revalidate their PCs.

As your application requirements change, you can rely on us to supply you with a compatible system. Our extensive experience in setting up configured machine vision systems will ensure correct functionality of the PC for your application by running the necessary performance checks. This saves on the time-consuming and challenging search for PCs and components that are compatible with imaging products. You can be sure that all components are perfectly matched to one another enabling the immediate operation of your system.

If a standard system configuration is not suitable for your application, our engineers can undertake a complete PC system design to create a solution that meets the technical requirements of the application. We work with your engineers or a selected integration company to understand the requirements. This can even involve a feasibility study and the creation of a specification. These solutions come in many different forms and are bespoke to your needs. Once created they are documented with our integration advanced service that defines the configuration and testing of the system. Further units can then be ordered as a specific sub system with a single part number specific to your needs. We undertake the lifecycle management and will manage any changes due to component obsolescence, liaising with you under strict procedures defined in our ISO 9001 approved quality system.

To provide you with the best possible service during your deployment process we use the latest internet collaboration technology to enable us to help and advise you and to debug applications during the development and deployment programme quickly, competently, and without delay.

All computer systems that undergo our integration services are shipped with detailed documentation. This includes important information on the components and operating system that are used, general system configurations as well as testing that was carried out.

Integration services include

  • Professional installation of required software packages and drivers
  • Installation of machine vision components
  • Validation of the components used
  • Configuration of the entire system
  • Burn-in / performance and benchmark tests
  • Customised system tests
  • Device certification
  • System data documentation
  • Long-term archiving of system data
  • System backup/recovery on USB stick
  • Service hotline
  • RMA controlled repair management
  • CE declaration of conformity