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Training: Line Scan Technologies (1 day)

For imaging applications requiring the inspection of moving web material, line scan cameras are often the better alternative, compared to area scan cameras. There are often some reservations about using line scan cameras, but that is mostly due to the lack of experience with this technology.


Based on practical examples, experienced trainers explain in which application areas line-scan cameras show their strengths, what needs to be taken into consideration when setting up a line scan system, which camera technologies are available for image acquisition and which hardware and software options are available to realise a line scan system.


  • Application areas and examples
  • Correct definition of a system for line scan applications
  • Camera technologies for image acquisition
  • Image acquisition hardware, interfaces and encoders
  • Illumination technologies for line scan applications
  • Optical basics and components for line scan cameras
  • Systematic set-up and correct installation of a system
  • Complex applications with multiple cameras
  • Software packages for implementing line scan applications


1 day

Participation fee

The participation fee for this training session is 395 Euro.