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Software Training: FPGA-Programming with Silicon Software Visual Applets (1 day)

Is your system reaching its limits due to high data rates, speed, or available processing power? Overcome these limits by deploying FPGA hardware to accelerate algorithms or provide real time I/Os. Using Visual Applets you won't need specialist hardware design experience. With an interactive demonstration you will learn how to quickly create hardware designs with the graphical user interface of Visual Applets and how to check the functionality of your program by way of simulation.

Software Training: Silicon Software Visual Applets (1 day)

Target audience

Advanced developers of machine vision solutions with knowledge of the possibilities of hardware and software programming


  • Use and advantages of an FPGA
  • Abstract work with image processing operators
  • Presentations of the diversified operators for image treatment, compression, segmenting or synchronisation
  • Integrated high level simulation
  • Resources and bandwidth calculations
  • Creation and parameterisation of designs
  • Simulation of designs
  • Synthetisation of designs
  • Real time operation and parameterisation during runtime
  • Seamless integration into the users application software
  • Interface programming of the design


1 day

Participation fee

The participation fee for this training course is 495 EUR.