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Technology Day - Deep Learning with Halcon (half day)

HALCON offers a large selection of operators, functions and methods that are either based on deep learning technologies or allow customers to use deep learning in their own applications.


During our half-day technology day, you will learn more about how Deep Learning with HALCON can be used in your applications. HALCON users can train their own classifier using CNNs and these can then be utilized to classify new data. MVTec will also highlight all that’s new in the upcoming HALCON Steady and HALCON Progress 18.11 releases.


  • Update on HALCON Steady and HALCON Progress
  • Deep Learning - introduction, current available tools and examples
  • News in HALCON 18.11 (3D, tools for developer, deflectometry, handle management, barcode/data code, dictionaries and much more)
  • Promotional campaign presentation


half day (9 a.m. - 12 a.m.)


EUR 59 (including lunch and coffee).
Free of charge for HALCON 13 users.