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Training: Infrared technology camera

(Near infrared, Shortwave infrared, Midwave infrared Longwave infrared) with application possibilities and pitfalls

If a visual image is not sufficient for your application or you cannot get a proper contrast it could be wise to have a look into the possibilities of camera’s in the infrared spectrum.

In the training we will start with the technical explanation of the different sensor principles, having a careful look at the principles we will already discover some possibilities and pitfalls of the camera.

We will look into example applications and will guide you in the selection criteria and the calculations that you need to make the right decision.

Target audience

People in machine vision domain who need to plan, design or use machine vision, no prior machine vision knowledge is required.


  • Basic setup of a vision system
  • Overview on the electromagnetic spectrum and different sensor substrate materials
  • Examples on getting a better contrast
  • Calculation of the resolution and focal length of the lens
  • Sensor principles behaviour and differences
  • Practical tips tricks and calculations to guide you in the selection process


½ day

Participation Fee

This training course is free of charge!