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Webinar (automated): But this can be easily seen - Solution strategies for the selection of the ideal illumination


Selecting the right lighting is often underestimated and yet often it‘s the key to success. The aim is to create repeatable and reliable high contrasts to achieve a robust software evaluation. Unfortunately, image processing is not always that simple, since it is not the object itself that is evaluated, but the light reflected by the object. The material properties of components, however, can be tricky and cause many difficulties for the user.

Which illumination technologies are available, which strategies help with shiny objects? What effect does the colour of the object have? In addition to the macroscopic shape properties of the objects, the microscopic shape properties are often forgotten. In particular, micrographs, textures and other surface variations such as coatings etc. make life difficult for the user. What are the approaches here? Quick recipes from the cookbook of illumination can help you to succeed.

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