• Integrated development environment (HDevelop)
  • Running on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Enables users to build image processing solutions fast and efficiently even while acquiring live images.
  • HDevelop code can either be ex-ported as C, C++, C# , VB.NET source code or iit can be directly loaded and executed within an application using the HDevEngine. Both setups can be easily integrated into the user‘s application. Assistants and numerous example programs allow a quick start for beginners

The HALCON Progress SDK is available by subscription only. The subscription
term is one year, starting from the date of issue, and is automatically renewed
for a period of one year. Hence, the HALCON Progress SDK license is limited
to one year. The subscription can be canceled three months before the one-year
term ends. the local STEMMER IMAGING office has to be notified about the
cancellation of the subscription in written form. If the subscription is automatically
renewed for another year, a newlicense and invoice will be sent to the customer.
An active subscription term includes the right to use all HALCON Progress versions
released within this time period, if not advised otherwise.