HALCON Progress Calibration Runtime Licence
3D camera calibration for line and area scan cameras that are handling even complex lens distortions. Multi-view camera
calibration of mixed camera setups for 3D reconstruction. Hand-eye calibration for robot vision. Gray-value calibration for
linearizing a camera response.

The module Foundation is mandatory for any HALCON application. A HALCON Progress runtime license (RTL) is not
time limited. The customer is only eligible to purchase HALCON Progress RTLs during the subscription term of the
HALCON Progress SDK. Outside of the subscription term, customers cannot purchase HALCON Progress RTLs. A
HALCON Progress RTL includes the right to use all HALCON Progress versions released within two years after the
issue date of the RTL, and also previously released HALCON Progress versions, if not advised otherwise. Prices for
RTLs include no physical goods. License files are sent via e-mail