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Zivid Two brings human-like vision to pick- and place robotics

10 Dec 2020 | Reading time: 3 min

In Q1 2021, the revolutionary new Zivid Two 3D camera will be available from STEMMER IMAGING. The Zivid Two is a natural successor to the industry-leading Zivid One+ range of cameras.

It provides the next generation of high-performance 3D colour machine vision to the most demanding of pick and place robotic applications. Its powerful capabilities will bring human-like vision in a smaller and faster unit ready to deal with the most complex of scenarios. In simple terms, it will let your vision application see more so it can do more.

We talk to Tim Huylebrouck, 3D Product Manager at STEMMER IMAGING, to explain more about the Zivid Two and what it means for the future of Machine Vision.

Tim, firstly, please could you explain the reasons for the launch of the Zivid Two.

The original Zivid One+ has been around for a few years now and is available in three different versions, depending on the field of view required for the application. It covers everything from tiny and small objects in trays and boxes to medium and large objects such as pallets.

The Zivid One+ is a great camera, but some more demanding applications we encounter require even better image quality and trueness, better object recognition, accurate pick and place of very small parts, and high-speed operation.

Our customers face requirements to distinguish multiple, different sized objects with shiny, reflective, and coloured surfaces.

The Zivid Two was specifically designed for these types of applications, and we now provide a human-like 3D vision sensor that brings AI and detection algorithms to the next level.

Tell me more about the capabilities of the Zivid Two.

In today's robotic pick and place systems, we need to recognise a large variety of objects, execute more precise grasps, and place these objects with high spatial accuracy. Current vision sensors sometimes hit limitations in resolution and artifacts, resulting in detection errors, and large trueness errors result in missed picks or worst case crashes.

The high-definition industrial-grade Zivid Two is thermal and mechanical stable, which results in trueness errors of less than 0.2%. This considerably reduces the number of mispicks and allows for handling of the smallest of objects. The 3D camera is also extremely fast, with most scenes in captured in 100 ms, and more dynamic range shots in less than 0.3 seconds.

Our patented 3D HDR imaging and artifact reduction technology means that we can capture all of the information from very challenging scenes. Imagine the difficulty distinguishing every object that a person places in a tray at airport security – smartphones, coins, keys, food items, glasses cases, hats, pens, gloves etc.

A 3D camera needs to be able to recognise these at high speed. The point cloud quality of the Zivid Two is truly exceptional and is almost like looking at a detailed colour photograph rather than the traditional type of image only readable by machine vision software.

The Zivid Two is both smaller and lighter than the Zivid One+. How does that help?

The small Zivid Two camera weighs only 880g and helps us advance our platform's capabilities by offering on-arm camera operations with smaller payload robots and applications with tight and limited access. Designed to tolerate the most demanding industrial environments, Zivid Two 3D color camera comes in a rugged magnesium housing with an IP65 rating. It is also dust and water-resistant rated for operation from 0°C to +45°C and is built to withstand a 15 G impact.

It uses the industry-standard 10GigE interface rather than the older USB standard of the Zivid One+. 10GigE allows for capturing high-resolution images and transmission across existing ethernet network cables up to 90m in length. Secondly, the Zivid Two is GenIcam compliant and will work with a wide range of 3D camera software.

What value does STEMMER IMAGING bring to customers interested in Zivid Two?

STEMMER IMAGING is a product-agnostic organisation, and our primary focus is to provide the best in class solutions to our customers. We are able to understand our customer’s challenges, provide demonstration equipment and feasibility studies, and provide a fully working and integrated solution.

As well as the camera systems, we have the best advice on mounting accessories, industrial PCs, software interfacing, and cabling. We ensure that the latest solutions are fully compatible with customers who already have other vision cameras and systems.

I am excited about the human-like capabilities of the Zivid Two and the massive advantage it provides to modern robotics applications.
Tim Huylebrouck, 3D Product Manager, STEMMER IMAGING

Customers can purchase Zivid Two ES developer kits today from STEMMER IMAGING. Production availability of the camera hardware is scheduled for Q1 2021.

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