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Here you can find all ad hoc and corporate news stories published by STEMMER IMAGING.

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Ad hoc news 16/12/2020 STEMMER IMAGING raises earnings forecast for the full year
Corporate news 12/11/2020 STEMMER IMAGING publishes nine-month figures: Q3 with 10% revenue increase over previous quarter shows only modest business recovery - positive earnings development due to structural cost improvements - full-year outlook remains cautious
Corporate news 12/08/2020 STEMMER IMAGING publishes financial figures for the first half of 2020: Despite a decline in revenue, STEMMER IMAGING achieves positive EBITDA - recovery tendencies at the end of the second quarter support full-year forecast
Corporate news 22/06/2020 STEMMER IMAGING: General Meeting approves all items on the agenda
Corporate news 12/05/2020 STEMMER IMAGING publishes figures for the first quarter of 2020: Covid-19 pandemic impacts first quarter - well prepared for a more difficult market environment in the course of the year
Corporate news 21/04/2020 STEMMER IMAGING publishes financial figures for the short fiscal year 2019 - Organic growth in a declining market environment - cautious outlook for 2020
Corporate news 31/03/2020 STEMMER IMAGING AG announces changes to its Executive Board
Ad hoc news 12/03/2020 STEMMER IMAGING AG expects declining earnings for fiscal 2020; postponement of publication of financial reports for short fiscal year 2019
Ad hoc news 20/02/2020 STEMMER IMAGING AG: Result for the short fiscal year 2019 based on preliminary figures below expectations
Corporate news 13/11/2019 STEMMER IMAGING AG publishes quarterly figures: Significant growth in revenue and earnings; earnings forecast raised
Corporate news 24/10/2019 STEMMER IMAGING substantiates its growth strategy as leader in artificial vision
Corporate news 22/10/2019 STEMMER IMAGING AG: CFO Lars Böhrnsen will leave as of November 30, 2019
Corporate news 26/09/2019 STEMMER IMAGING publishes business figures for 2018/2019 - Group shows revenue growth despite current challenging market conditions
Corporate news 14/08/2019 STEMMER IMAGING publishes preliminary figures 2018/2019 - Strong final quarter underlines Group's expansion course
Corporate news 11/07/2019 STEMMER IMAGING successfully closes acquisition of Spanish group Infaimon S.L.
Corporate news 13/06/2019 STEMMER IMAGING continues its expansion with the foundation of a subsidiary in Italy
Corporate news 22/05/2019 STEMMER IMAGING sets important cornerstone for international expansion with acquisition of Infaimon Group
Ad hoc news 22/05/2019 STEMMER IMAGING expands its international presence with acquisition of Spanish company Infaimon S.L.
Corporate news 13/05/2019 STEMMER IMAGING AG publishes nine-month figures - increased profitability in the third quarter
Corporate news 08/05/2019 STEMMER IMAGING AG switches to the Prime Standard on 10 May 2019
Corporate news 27/03/2019 STEMMER IMAGING publishes half-year report 2018/2019 - robust revenue growth and healthy incoming orders provide the basis for a stronger second half
Corporate news 19/03/2019 STEMMER IMAGING plans to switch to Deutsche Börse's Prime Standard
Corporate news 14/02/2019 STEMMER IMAGING publishes provisional half-year figures for 2018/2019 - further solid growth in revenue and incoming orders
Corporate news 28/11/2018 STEMMER IMAGING AG: Arne Dehn takes over CEO position
Ad hoc news 28/11/2018 STEMMER IMAGING AG - Changes in the Managing Board: Arne Dehn appointed as new CEO