Machine Vision is crucial for quality and safety

Machine vision beyond the pure manufacturing phase

Machine vision also supports the life cycle of a vehicle beyond the manufacturing phase. Code readers are tracking vehicle shipments and optical character recognition systems are reading the VIN (vehicle identification numbers) and number plates. Intelligent cameras can be used for simple single view applications while PC-based vision systems supporting multiple views around the whole of the vehicle.

Vehicle material behaviours can also be monitored, for instance high-speed vision systems enable accurate analysis of vehicle behaviour in crash tests to help reduce the impact on passengers in accidents. When vehicles reach their end of life and need to be recycled, vision technology is responsible for reliably identifying and separating materials and routing them to the appropriate recycling stations, contributing to the reduction of harmful effects to the environment.

The examples detailed here are just a small selection of applications used in modern factories for the production of automotive parts.

Long standing machine vision experience

STEMMER IMAGING work with partners and system integrators that have extensive experience with machine vision in the automotive industry. Our leading competence in this field with numerous automotive applications over many decades, we are your perfect consultants for machine vision in the automotive sector.