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Vision technology in the food industry

Three questions and answers on the significance of vision technology in the food industry.

What role does vision technology play in the food industry?

The level of automation and the efficiency of production processes in the food industry have increased continuously over the years. What has been practised in the automotive segment for years is now being applied to the production of foods. More than in any other industry, and because of health implications , the products in this segment must be manufactured free of faults, must be traceable and sustainable. Against this background, vision technology is finding new uses in the food industry as a technical high performance and economical method for automated optical inspection.

Which special demands characterize this industry segment?

Vision systems in the food industry are in part subject to extreme environmental conditions. The components and systems used must therefore be extremely robust mechanically or placed in suitable protective housings. Another factor is that the processes where vision technology is applied as a rule cover several different production stages. Here it is useful to be able to react to the multitude of tasks involved with a high performance software library, regardless of the hardware.

Which technological challenges in the food industry currently concern the vision industry?

A special challenge for machine vision in the food industry is the inspection of raw materials, for example, process-safe measurement, classification and grading of meats or baked goods. Another frequently occurring task is the objective inspection of non-measurable product features, for example, the look of pizza toppings. Given our comprehensive portfolio of vision components, we at STEMMER IMAGING can offer users in the food industry optimal support in developing high performance and robust solutions for their tasks.

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