Intelligent traffic systems rely on vision technology


Intelligent traffic systems rely on vision technology

Software - Common Vision Blox

The use of advanced software techniques is now critical in many traffic, security and safety systems. STEMMER IMAGING is proud to be the developer of the award winning Common Vision Blox - an application software suite which includes many high-end tools that offer the kind of functionality that gives your application a competitive advantage.

Common Vision Blox - CVB for short - can provide advanced recognition techniques such as vehicle make/model classification, vehicle taxation class recognition and accurate ANPR in challenging lighting conditions, to name just a few. In combination with our vast range of vision products like cameras, illumination and lenses, STEMMER IMAGING can provide a range of solutions for:

  • Toll booth and congestion charging applications
  • Parking and enforcement applications
  • High-resolution motorway/traffic surveillance applications
  • Vehicle stopping/turning identification
  • Traffic sign and road ‘furniture’ recognition
  • Detection of vehicles driving against the flow of traffic

Common Vision Blox also includes the unique CVB Manto software tool that provides a host of advanced functionalities not previously available in the traffic and safety sectors. CVB from STEMMER IMAGING, is the pre-eminent software of its type, offering a comprehensive range of tools that can be applied to virtually any conceivable application.