Vision systems for pharmaceutical market


Modern medicine depends on reliable imaging

STEMMER IMAGING - solution-oriented and reliable

STEMMER IMAGING is one of Europe's largest imaging technology providers. Our customers can benefit from a variety of products that is unique in Europe. These products from leading manufacturers are at the cutting edge of technology.

Being the developers of the leading software platform Common Vision Blox and as a manufacturer of customer-specific products, STEMMER IMAGING has the know-how and the expertise to provide the best possible service to its customers when choosing an imaging solution.

With our long-term experience in image processing and our high qualified employees, we are best placed to meet the requirements of medical technology: our experts can support you from A to Z in finding the best technical solution and the most cost-effective combination of components for your individual imaging task. Whether you are looking for video solutions for surgery applications, quality control systems for the manufacturing of medical or medical-technical products or powerful analysers for laboratory use: we will assist you in a professional solution-oriented and reliable manner.