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Analogue And Digital Imaging With Versatile New Camera Range

13 Dec 2010

Sony’s new FCB-EX E Series of colour block cameras offers excellent picture quality, superb flexibility, and easy operation in a variety of applications. With seven models available in NTSC or PAL versions and a variety of optical zoom lenses ranging from 10x to 36x, this camera range has the added versatility of analogue or digital imaging.

New features include improved horizontal resolution to 550 lines, a 28x zoom lens, a digital output, 3D noise reduction, progressive scan capabilities and colour enhancement. Dynamic range and image stabilisation functionality has been enhanced and the cameras now operate over an extended temperature range of -5?C to 60?C.
The new 28x zoom lens has been introduced for the FCB-EX995EP and FCB-EX985EP models. This fast (F1.35) lens, in combination with the Super HAD CCD II sensor in the FCB-EX985EP provides high sensitivity, allowing imaging down to 0.25 lux. An enhanced durability motor provides a zoom speed of just 2.5 seconds.
A digital interface based on ITU-R BT656 allows direct digital output with no deterioration of video signal and without the need for additional A/D converters. True progressive scan readout is available on some models for improved imaging of moving objects. In addition, STEMMER IMAGING has developed a GigE Vision interface for these models to take full advantage of the progressive scan sensors and this is available in the STEMMER IMAGING CVC camera series.

The new 3 Dimensional noise reduction technology helps to improve image quality at low light levels. Colour enhancement is a processing function designed to allow easy reading of text by using an adjustable threshold to turn bright regions of the image into white and dark regions into black.
The wide dynamic range capabilities of the new camera range have been enhanced with the introduction of an automatic dynamic range correction for images containing large variations in brightness. Image stabilisation has been improved by integrating digital zoom into the process.


Köln, Germany

With a diverse range of industry leading technology and experience in consumer, broadcast and security applications, Sony offers a world class selection of highly versatile cameras which find applications in many markets.