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Sill Optics presents a new compact telecentric lens for 24 x 36 mm cameras

23 Jun 2014

Sill Optics' S5LPJ5066 Correctal TL/1.5 telecentric lens has been developed especially for use with large matrix and line sensors.

S5LPJ5066 Correctal, which was presented in spring 2014, is adapted for matrix sensors up to 36 mm x 24 mm and for line sensors up to 43.3 mm. It provides a magnification of 1.5x and a short working distance of 21.5 mm. The standard version is equipped with variable iris and F-mount (Nikon bayonet).

Due to its extremely short length of only 110 mm and the small working distance it is especially adapted for applications with limited space. It is suitable for minimum pixel sizes of 3.45 µm and provides a distortion less than 0.05 %. Due to the object-sided telecentric these lenses can also be used as relay optics.

Sill Optics TL

Telecentric lens series for line scan applications