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More mobile apps for industrial imaging

18 Jul 2014

‘Vision Docs’ is a new app that allows users of Google Android and Windows-based mobile devices to download the e-version of STEMMER IMAGING’s Imaging and Vision Handbook. In addition, an updated version of the LensSensor app for the easy calculation and design of optics for machine vision systems is now available.

Vision Docs for quick access to machine vision topics

The Imaging and Vision Handbook has been available for Apple devices since the beginning of 2014, and the release of Vision Docs means that it can now be accessed over all mobile platforms. This valuable reference source for the technical fundamentals in all areas of imaging and machine vision is fully searchable and the selection guides are interactive enabling quick access to the relevant data. Vision Docs is available as a free download via Google Play, the Apple App Store and the Windows Store.

LensSensor for easy calculation and design of optics

Available for download from the Apple iTunes Store, LensSensor can be used to assist in the design of optics for machine vision systems. Specifying any two of the parameters of focal length, object distance and object size allows automatic calculation of the third. The app also allows the determination of the maximum object width and height, working distance and aperture angle after selecting the sensor size used. The app can also calculate the maximum resolution which can be achieved depending on the particular configuration.

LensSensor also reliably helps machine vision users choose the most appropriate data transfer interface either by issuing a recommendation or by calculating the maximum data rate depending on the selected data type, sensor resolution and the interface used. The app also features an integrated newsfeed which provides the latest updates from STEMMER IMAGING.