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Manta G-235 CMOS camera benefits from new Sony sensor

2 Oct 2014

The new Manta G-235 GigE camera from Allied Vision benefits from the outstanding performance of Sony’s new IMX174 CMOS global shutter sensor.

With a resolution of 2.3 Megapixels, the IMX174 offers incredible sensitivity, dynamic range, and low readout noise. This makes it perfect for various applications, such as outdoor imaging or scientific applications, where lighting may be a challenge.

The global shutter is ideally suited to high speed imaging applications, delivering an amazing image quality. Sensitivity criteria such as its high quantum efficiency, very low noise, more than 70 dB dynamic range and an extremely high saturation capacity outperform not only other CMOS sensors but also many CCD imagers. In order to deliver the full quality of this outstanding sensor architecture, the Manta G-235 delivers its image data at 12 bit depth.

The Manta series of flexible, feature-rich GigE Vision cameras offer an outstanding price/performance ratio. They incorporate three LUTs, sophisticated colour correction algorithms, sub-sampling, 2 optocoupled inputs and outputs and more, all in a robust metal housing.

Allied Vision Manta

Feature rich digital cameras with resolutions ranging from VGA (0.3 megapixel) up to 12 megapixel. Industrial GigE Vision interface (with POE options) with frame rates of up to 125 frames per second.