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Traffic strobe lights

14 Oct 2014

Gardasoft extends its product range for traffic applications with the VCT6 series of LED strobe lights.

Systems for ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), red light violation and open road tolling are only a few examples of applications addressed by Gardasoft’s newly developed VCT6 series. These powerful LED strobe lights are especially designed for mobile applications in traffic monitoring situations providing a comprehensive range of functionalities.

Easy adaption to changing test conditions

Gardasoft’s VCT6 illuminations feature intensity control as well as an internal clock to exactly deliver the required amount of light with a maximum pulse width of 2 ms. A trigger input signal is available to synchronise the lighting pulse with camera exposure for optimal image quality. A trigger output function is also available and this is useful in situations where an input from a road sensor, for example, needs to be de-bounced and cleaned up in the VCT6, and a refined signal sent to trigger the camera. The VCT6 can be configured remotely using RS232 or Ethernet communications for easy adaption to changing test conditions.

Board version for integration in custom systems

Gardasoft’s VCT6 models are available in a range of wavelengths: white and IR are standard, other wavelengths are available on request to match unique imaging requirements. In addition, different beam angles are available for perfect illumination of the target area. The IP65-rated housings defy harsh weather conditions. Gardasoft VCT6 series can be ordered as a board version for custom development and for integration into custom systems.