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Second Generation SVL Spot Illuminations

28 Aug 2015

Smart Vision Lights (SVL) will replace the first generation of its Prox Lights spot lighting by more recent models that come with a higher light output and other advantages.

The following lighting groups are affected by this decision:

  • S30
  • ODS30
  • SA30
  • ODSA30
  • SP30
  • ODSP30

Products of these series will still be available until further notice, however, Smart Vision Lights will no longer stock the required materials and as a result the delivery times will increase to 4 to 6 weeks.

The products from the following lighting groups are suitable alternatives:

  • SX30
  • ODSX30
  • SXA30
  • ODSXA30
  • SXP30
  • ODSXP30

The products of this series have a delivery time of 1 to 3 weeks and mostly differ from the discontinued models in terms of increased light output. Furthermore, they do not have a manual potentiometer. However, they are equipped with an analogue 0-10 V intensity control and can therefore be operated with an IVP C1 inline potentiometer.