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Smart industrial camera for high volume short wave IR applications

7 Apr 2016

The new Xenics Bobcat-320 industrial camera, now available from STEMMER IMAGING, features the latest InGaAs imager to provide a highly competitive solution for high volume markets needing shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging capabilities.

These include hyperspectral imaging in food sorting and waste recycling, in-line quality control, semiconductor defect analysis, laser beam profiling and thermal imaging of hot objects between 300 °C and 800 °C. Using SWIR (900 – 1700 nm) imaging can reveal information such as subsurface defects that cannot be observed using conventional cameras.

The Bobcat-320 features a 320 x 256 pixel thermo-electric cooled InGaAs sensor offering low noise and low dark current to ensure high sensitivity. The small form factor and light weight of the camera makes it easy to physically integrate into new and existing industrial processes, including the use of standard protective housings if needed. On-board image processing and user-friendly Xeneth control software makes set up very straightforward. A versatile software development kit is also available and the camera is compatible with a broad range of industry standard software packages for added flexibility, speeding the development of more complex imaging solutions.

Bobcat-320 is available in a basic 100 Hz version for high-volume markets or an advanced 400 Hz version and both can have CameraLink or GigE Vision with Power over Ethernet interfaces. The high-speed 400-Hz CL version features a number of automated camera settings to optimize image quality, while a user-adjustable region of interest speeds up data acquisition. A unique high-frame-rate version featuring gated imaging for use in R&D and specialised dedicated applications has also been developed.

Since SWIR radiation is transmitted by glass, the Bobcat-320 can be equipped with standard C-Mount lenses, meaning that the most cost-effective lenses for the application can be chosen.

Xenics Bobcat

Compact shortwave infrared InGaAs camera, suitable for high operating temperatures to aquire images from hot objects (up to 800°C).