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Z-Laser ZQ1 - New structured laser light projection source

9 May 2017

The ZQ1 is the latest addition to the ZQ family of structured laser light sources from Z-Laser GmbH. Combining high performance with outstanding beam properties, the ZQ1 has been developed for the most demanding applications in machine vision, 3D-measurement, metrology, road and rail inspection as well as metal inspection.

The ZQ1 series provides high output power up to 1,500 mW and exceptional beam performance. Intelligent monitoring functions - together with an integrated active cooling system to maintain a constant laser diode temperature - and a rugged, IP67-rated housing, ensure high performance stability even in demanding environments.

A choice of blue, red, and near-infrared wavelengths (405 – 830 nm) allows the ZQ1 to be configured for the particular application. The laser sources produce point projection or homogeneous lines. Other forms of projection are available on request. The laser diodes are TTL modulated up to 200kHz with analogue intensity control. The tool-free manual focus permits easy adjustment to the required working distance.

RS-232 & I²C communication interfaces allow the laser to be integrated efficiently in a sophisticated machine vision setup. PC control via Graphical User Interface enables the user to configure and read a large amount of the laser's parameters. The laser line generator can also be software-controlled remotely.

Z-Laser ZQ

High power laser with high accuracy laser lines, providing 2 different Powell lense options for close-up and far ranges.