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New range of highly directional backlights for machine vision

30 Jan 2018

Part of the new TH2 series of flat machine vision LEDs from CCS Inc, the high output TH2-PM family of backlights have been optimised to give highly directional illumination. This makes them ideally suited to dimensional measurements where accurate imaging of the outline of objects is needed and other transmission imaging applications.

TH2-PM lights are available in white, red (635 nm) and blue (465 nm) light versions, which provide the versatility to accommodate a wide variety of inspection requirements.

Eight different sizes are available:

27 x 27 mm 83 x 75 mm 43 x 35 mm 100 x 100 mm
51 x 51 mm 140 x 105 mm 63 x 60 mm 160 x 120 mm

Each size has white, red and blue options, making 24 models to choose from.

These backlights can be used in a variety of applications. By producing a silhouette image of a solid object or imaging ‘through holes’, they can be used for dimensional measurements or part presence verification. The high directionality of the light gives binary images with sharp edges for measurement.

This directionality also provides enhanced contrast when imaging detail in transparent materials such as fine scratches or cracks in glass or liquid fill levels. Different transparent materials may absorb light of a specific wavelength, so the use of red or blue LED illumination may allow normally transparent materials to be viewed in silhouette for measurement.

The TH2-PM lights have been designed for easy mounting. Tapped holes for installation are included both on the side and bottom of the supporting frame.