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Monochrome area scan camera, Gigabit Ethernet and Power over Ethernet

  • 2/3" CMOS sensor (IMX250MZR) with global shutter
  • 2464 (H) x 2056 (V) pixel with 3.45 µm pixel size
  • Pixel mit 0°, 45°, 90°, 135° Polfilter
  • Active sensor size: 8.5 mm x 7.1 mm
  • Special features: 64 MB frame buffer, selectable ROI for auto features, Trigger over Ethernet (ToE), Multiple LUT, gamma correction, programmable I/Os
  • Frame rate: 23.7 frames/s (at full resolution)
  • Exposure time: 32 µs bis 85,9 s
  • Digital output via GigE Vision Standard
  • Output formats: Mono8, Mono12, Mono12Packed
  • Digitalisation with 12-bit A/D-converter
  • Power consumption: 12 - 24 VDC, 2.4 W / PoE 2.8 W
  • Power supply via PoE or 8 Pin Hirose
  • Connectors: 8 Pin Hirose, RJ-45
  • Dimensions: 29.2 x 29.2 x 60.5 (W x H x D in mm)
  • Weight: ca. 80 g
  • Lens mount for C-Mount
  • Includes free licence for CVB CameraSuite MultiOS, SDK and user GUI to configure the camera
  • CVB driver available
Product features
Weight (kg) 0.080
Vertical res. (Px) 2056
Spectral sensitivity Monochrome
Software driver CVB yes
Software CameraSuite yes
Shutter type Global shutter/Prog scan
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor size (mm) 11.10
Sensor model Pregius IMX250MZR
Sensor format 2/3"
Sensor configuration Single sensor
Scan type Area
Power supply voltage (VDC) 12-24
Pixel size (µm) 3.45
Output formats Mono8 / Mono12 / Mono12Packed
Resolution (MP) 5.1
Manufacturer Allied Vision
Lens mount C-Mount
Interface configuration PoE / GigE Vision
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Housing Small
Horizontal res. (Px) 2464
Frame rate (Hz) 23.7
Dimension (width, mm) 29.00
Dimension (height, mm) 29.00
Dimension (depth, mm) 60.5
Digitalisation 12 bit A/D-converter
Power consumption (W) 2.4
Connector b: power Hirose 8-pin
Connector a: video RJ45 (H)
Bit depth 12
Active sensor size (vertical, mm) 7.10
Active sensor size (horizontal, mm) 8.50