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Aivion HD Interfaces

Aivion's FCB HD camera interfaces convert the native LVDS signal from the camera and present the information over internationally recognised transmission standards. All of the camera resolutions and frame rates are supported.


  • Video interface for Sony block cameras FCB-H11 and all FCB HD models
  • Support for various interfaces


  • Available interfaces: DVI, HDSDI, HDMI, USB3.0
  • Available with colour management

File Topics Size
Aivion TL 6010
Data sheets
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Aivion TL 6020
Data sheets
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Aivion TL 6030
Data sheets
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Aivion TL 6050 / TL 6051 / TL 6052
Data sheets
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Aivion TL 6070
Data sheets
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Aivion TL 6830
Data sheets
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Aivion TL 7050
Data sheets
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