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Analogue I/O and control

I/O or video cables with track or robot options

Below we detail our most common standard analogue connectors. STEMMER IMAGING also manufacture complete custom cable sets and provide specialist connectors on request with selected equipment purchases. Care should be taken, as many of the current digital cameras use the same Hirose connectors for I/O as analogue cameras. These cables use a different conductor material and while they may appear the same, they are wired differently. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. The maximum cable length for analogue cables is 100 m, with the dynamic range of the image being reduced the longer the cable. It is important to define if you use signals or power. In case of signals the risk of getting incorrect triggers increases with cable length, same for power. The longer the cable, the higher the risk of a voltage drop. 

We stock most of the common Hirose connector cables with angled versions of the 6 and 12 pin variants.