Machine Vision Illumination - STEMMER IMAGING


Widest choice of technologies to maximise

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Diffuse LED dark field illumination 

The rectangular FPQ3 and ring shaped FPR series deliver a very diffuse light output with no LED reflections of the component being imaged.

Depending on the application and the object, these lights can be used at extremely short (approx. 30 mm) through to extremely long (approx. 200-250 mm) working distances. At the short working distances they can be used to highlight and image characters and scratches in a dark field. At the longer working distances they can be used to uniformly image the entire workpiece in a bright field

The low-angle square lights are ideal for imaging square shaped workpiece. Uneven illumination which may occur with the use of the low-angle ring light can be avoided. It can detect the outline of corners and prevents glare, which is difficult with ring lights.

Diffuse illumination

Light from the vertically-arranged LEDs is transmitted through the light-guiding diffusion plate and uniform diffused light is illuminated centrally on the workpiece from a low angle.

Different operating modes

A strobe controller or an intensity regulator can be connected to these units so that the same light can be used in different operational modes


  • Colour: square light - white, red and blue; Ring light - white, red, blue and green
  • Power supply: 24V
  • Connector: standard connector, M12 and flying leads
  • Dimensions: square lights - 20 x 20 x 23 mm up to 100 x 50 x 30 mm (width x depth x height); ring lights - outer diameters of 100 mm up to 180 mm, inner diameters of 73 mm up to 153 mm.