Machine Vision Acquisition - STEMMER IMAGING


Secure and flexible image capture from

any source to any destination

CVA FGI - FCB GigE interface boards

  • GigE Vision compliant interface boards
  • Provide digital, uncompressed image data directly to PC or network
  • Compatible with Sony FCB-EX E series camera modules resp. Sony FCB-H11 and Sony FCB-EH6300 (HD version)
  • For easier integration into customer applications
  • For full control of the feature rich Sony FCB camera modules
  • Gigabit Ethernet, GigE Vision and GenICam compliant interface
  • Enables users to take full advantage of the cameras progressive scan sensor
  • Effectively doubles the effective resolution compared to previous interlaced versions


Compatible cameras, FCB GigE interface board:

  • Sony FCB-EX1020, FCB-EX1020P
  • Sony FCB-EX995E, FCB-EX995EP
  • Sony FCB-EX490E, FCB-EX490EP

Compatible cameras, FCB-HD GigE interface board:


  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • GigE Vision v1.1 compliant
  • GenICam v.2.1 (SFNC) compliant
  • Software: Compatible with Common Vision Blox

Included in Delivery

CVB CameraSuite:

  • Supplied with the powerful, hardware-independent software development kit
  • Allows easy and reliable connection to the camera
  • Enables the user to take advantage of the unparalleled performance and reliability of GigE Vision technology


  • Compact, 2-board solution (3 boards for PoE version)
  • Physically compatible with all FCB-EX E series cameras
  • All FCB features supported
  • Wide range power requirements
  • Power over Ethernet option (also for cameras)
  • Multi-cast supported
  • Trigger inputs
  • I/Os
  • Additional RS232 for peripheral device control
  • Status LEDs
  • GigE Vision compliant
  • GenICam compliant
  • Control via GenICam features
  • Broad software support through use of imaging standards
  • SFNC compliant if possible