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CVS Image Station

Classic vision systems usually take the form of an industrial PC housed in a robust 19' case. These systems are based on state-of-the-art PC components and offer the flexibility for fitting the widest range of camera interface cards and processing engines as well as the widest choice of computing power, data transfer and expansion.

The software usually takes the form of either customer developed application based on imaging and machine vision libraries such as Common Vision Blox or by using configurable vision software such as Sherlock.

The advantages of modular industrial PC systems are obvious. Scalable performance, long term availability and the possibility of large volumes of data storage making them ideal in almost any application area.

The CVS ImageStation 200 and 600 are rack mounted industrial PCs configured to customer specifications. The CVS ImageStation 200 is the standard model, while the 600 model is the high-end version that uses Intel Xenon CPUs. All motherboards are tested with our range of interface cards and software, to guarantee compatibility. Our on-going compatibility testing enables you to migrate to new technologies without the time and effort involved in having to revalidate component compatibility.

For a firm offer which takes account of your specific requirements and current technologies, please contact us directly.


  • Best possible performance thanks to the use of state-of-the-art components
  • Choice of housing (rack/tower/blade)
  • Choice of CPU type/speed including to 4x ZEON Quad Core
  • Optional RAID for real-time disk image recording
  • Choice of GPU configuration, supports CVB GPU acceleration
  • Can be pre-loaded with customer supplied disk image
  • Comes fully tested with imaging hardware/software installed