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CVX Aperture Control via RS232 interface

Using the CVX Aperture control, a voltage-controlled aperture can be driven via the PCs RS232 interface. An external control desk for the aperture is not required as the control is easily achieved from
the computer. For control tasks, the demo software can be used (which is supplied) and this can also be used for custom applications to address the controller directly via a simple protocol.


Power: 12 - 24 Volt DC / approx. 50 mA
Output control voltage Iris: 1,5 - 5,5 Volt DC
Output supply voltage Iris: 10 Volt DC/ max. 40 mA
Tolerance (setting the aperture; depending on aperture): approx. 20 mV steps
Setting time for the aperture (depending on aperture): approx. 1,5 sec
Supported lenses: all lenses with a control input of 1,5 - 5,5 Volt DC

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Lens aperture control via RS232

  • Hutschienen-Controller
  • Supply Voltage 12-24 Volt DC
  • Iris control Output 1,5-5,5 Volt
  • Iris control ...