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Teledyne DALSA Sapera LT

Sapera LT from Teledyne DALSA is a suite of hardware-independent C and C++ software libraries for image acquisition, display and control that supports all DALSA hardware platforms. Its comprehensive feature set includes program portability, versatile camera controls, flexible display functionality, management and easy-to-use application development wizards.

Compatible environments

Teledyne DALSA Sapera LT is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio C++, C#, .Net, Visual Basic and Borland C++ Builder and support for Windows platforms.

Teledyne DALSA Sapera LT CamExpert: Camera Configuration Utility

Teledyne DALSA Sapera LT comes bundled with Teledyne DALSA’s advanced CamExpert, a proprietary camera configuration utility specifically designed to leverage the power of Teledyne DALSA’s image acquisition boards. This MS Windows-based utility provides an interactive environment within which to create a new, or modify an existing, configuration file for area and line scan applications.


Trigger-to-Image Reliability

  • Controls, monitors and corrects the entire image acquisition process
  • Enables more efficient and reliable machine vision inspections
  • Immune to false triggers


  • Multi-threading and multiprocessing compliant
  • Build-in support for pixel format conversion
  • Powerful Bayer filter decoding algorithms
  • Rapid development

Simplified programming interface

  • High-level C++ classes simplify application development
  • Application wizard quick-starts the development process


  • Single API across hardware platform
  • Ability to create custom camera configuration files
  • Supports DirectDraw and ActiveX Controls
  • Program/hardware portability
  • TWAIN and DirectShow support

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