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Metaphase collimated line lights

Line lights for long working distances

Using Metaphase's proprietary optics, the Metaphase collimated line lights work similar to a traditional line light, but can project its light at a very low divergence angle. This helps keeping a tight, structured beam for working distances many metres away while delivering high intensity.

These lights are ideal for applications where the illumination can't be positioned close to the object or web. This is useful to create clearance for robots, imaging high tunnel ceilings, keep the necessary distance from hot objects or to perform extremely precise backlight imaging.

Reasons to choose Metaphase collimated line lights

Special lens design

Metaphase uses a proprietary collimated lens technology for low divergence angle illumination. This results in a well structured beam of light even at longer working distances.

Sophisticated cooling options

The MetaBright collimated line lights (MB-CLL) are housed in a small profile, even though actively cooled. UX collimated line lights (UX-CLL) are passively cooled with options for compressed air or liquid cooling. This is useful for high intensity applications or in harsh environments where fans cannot be used.

Available in different sizes and wavelengths

Available in 5" increments starting from 5" to 120". LED options range from white, blue, green, red, IR 850 nm, UV 365 or 395 nm to RGB. Also available with SWIR LEDs (1050, 1200, 1300,1450, 1550 or 1650 nm).


  • Colour: white, blue, green, red, IR 850 nm, UV 365 or 395 nm, but also RGB and SWIR wavelengths on demand
  • Dimensions: from 5" to 120" in 5" increments
  • Miscellaneous: working distance up to 2 m

Markets and Applications

These lights are suited to most line scan or machine vision lighting application, in particular when the light can't be placed near the object.

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