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Opto Engineering MC SM 1-01X - 3D Macro Lens with Scheimpflug Adjustment

The Opto Engineering MC SM 1-01X is a macro lens expressly designed for 3D measurement and imaging applications where the object plane is not perpendicular to the optical axis.

A precise built-in adjustment mechanism allows to accurately meet the Scheimpflug condition and to image tilted planes in perfect focus. This lens offers a wide range of magnifications and view angles. It can interface to any structured light source to build up extremely accurate 3D imaging systems. The tiltable mount is compatible with any C-mount camera since it respects the 17.52 mm back focal length. Image sharpness is maintained even when the lens is tilted by a wide angle, since the Scheimpflug adjustment is pivoted around the detector plane.


  • Object tilt between 0° and 45°
  • Mount tilt between 0° and 18.3°
  • Working distance up to 271.0 mm

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OE MC SM 1-0.1X

Scheimpflug Macro Lens for 2/3” Detector

  • Magnifcation: 0,1x - 1x
  • max Tilt: 45°
  • Working Distance: 46 - 271 mm
  • Working ...
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