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Enlightened Illumination Techniques (en)

Inhalte: Integrated LED Driver ++ Measuring the Outer Diameter of Hardwood Logs ++ Inspect Caps on Plastic Bottles and OCR at 900ppm ++ Automotive Interior Trim Panel Tab & Clip Inspection ++ Custom Lighting Illuminates Blister Packaging Lines ++ Presence Absence of Candy Cane Packages

Presentation at the Machine Vision Technology Forum 3rd/4th November 2015 in Unterschleißheim (Germany)
Presenter: Casey Seagraves (Smart Vision Lights)

This presentation will cover enlightened illumination techniques. Examples of real world and feasibility testing illumination applications will be the focus. Examples will include infrared lighting and its benefits, angular techniques, diffuse light, and ultra-violet, and structured illumination. Goals of each application, techniques used, and the type of array used to meet the goals, will be analysed in depth.