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Getting the best image for your vision application with computational imaging - Machine Vision Technology Forum 2017 (en)

Presentation at the Machine Vision Technology Forum 17/18 October 2017 in Unterschleissheim (Germany)
Speaker: Steven Kinney, CCS Europe N.V.

By creating an output image focused on the image properties that are most important to a particular machine vision task, computational imaging (CI) offers powerful advantages over traditional one shot imaging. Relying on data extracted and computed from a series of input images captured under different lighting or optical conditions, computational imaging techniques outperform traditional image acquisition.

This presentation covers six practical examples of CI solutions for machine vision applications, including photometric stereo (also known as shape from shading), super-resolution colour, high dynamic range (HDR), extended depth of field (EDOF), bright field/dark field, and multi-spectral imaging. CCS computational imaging solutions simplify the hardware, timing and acquisition to easily bring the benefits of CI to any application.