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Webinar: HALCON machine vision software as a business growth accelerator


  • Do you use free machine vision software and you are wondering why the commercial HALCON image library is still so popular?
  • Are you worrying about the maintainability of your existing solution? (What is if your key software guy is leaving the company?)
  • Do you have questions how to manage your intellectual property?
  • Do you use a smart camera or a GUI based vision environment and you hit the limits?
  • Do you want to be more flexible and future oriented?
  • Do you build multiple (machine) vision solutions a year?
  • Do you have skilled programmers (C#, C++, VB, Python … )?

If you have a yes in one of these questions, this webinar will be in the category “must see".

In this webinar we talk about the strategic buying reasons, possibilities and pitfalls of machine vision projects.

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