Visions of the future

Does vision still hold undiscovered dimensions?
Yes! And STEMMER IMAGING is a driving force in expanding the boundaries.

The future of imaging and machine vision has just begun. Before us lie innov-ations that bring unique advantages to industry.
Dietmar Serbée, Managing Director Benelux, STEMMER IMAGING The Netherlands

Ready to conquer all areas of life

Driven by innovative thinking, imaging will not only revolutionise industry, but also everyday applications. It can deliver answers to sociocultural trends and revolutionise sports and electronic entertainment. It can open up new possibilities in market research and improve levels of safety and security.

An eye for the environment

Automation with machine vision will bring dramatic changes for the better. Potential optimisation gains are enormous, allowing drastic reductions in manufacturing waste - for example in the production of solar panels. And in growth markets like recycling, imaging will improve the detection and recovery of reusable materials to a whole new level.

Always in the picture - even at home

Imaging can help perform many valuable household services. For instance, it can support care for the elderly or the handicapped - a strong and demographically growing market. Equipped with digital highly sensitive optical organs, robots can function as reliable personal assistants. In other applications they allow the user a clear view of places the human eye cannot readily access.

The eye replaces the mouse

What software could compete with the speed and intuitive ease of the human eye? Advanced imaging provides the technological basis for this application. Instead of using a mouse, man and machine communicate with each other via a mere glance at the screen.