Machine Vision Technology Foroum - Eurpoean Tour 2019


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Hannover Messe 2019

01/04/2019 - 05/04/2019

International trade show for industrial technology

Venue: Hannover
Booth: E40, Hall 17

Visit us at the Hannover Messe and get some new ideas on the subject of quality control with machine vision by our experts.

Meet STEMMER IMAGING at Hannover Messe

01 - 05 April 2019 | Hall 17 | Stand E40

We make machine vision as easy as possible by creating customized packages that combine innovative products, expert advice and a comprehensive service, specifically tailored to you.

Industry 4.0 environment using the new OPC UA communication standard

The goal of Industrie 4.0 is the creation of a "smart factory", which amongst other things should have properties such as flexibility, the ability to learn and resource efficiently. Ultimately, it is intended to enable the automatic exchange of data between the various production systems.

The STEMMER IMAGING team shows you how our Common Vision Blox (CVB) programming library communicates with the controller via OPC UA, which supports the central interface in the digital factory of tomorrow.

We look forward to working with you on new automation opportunities that embrace these latest innovative standards.

Human assistance camera system for assembly stations

The new Ricoh SC-10A human assistance camera system for assembly stations is designed to eliminate errors in manual assembly operations in a multitude of industries. A set of work instructions can be loaded into the system and displayed on a monitor while the camera scans the work piece.

The human operator follows the on-screen assembly instructions and after every action the system compares the result to the correct stored image before the next step can be taken. This reduces errors, helps operators learn new tasks and provides a digital audit trail of all operations.

Inspection of challenging surfaces with CVS trevista

The basic idea behind all the models in the CVS Trevista range sounds amazingly simple: illuminate a test object with structured, diffuse dome lighting, combine the resulting images into a synthetic overall image and then evaluate it.

This patented 2.5D process, called Shape from Shading, is especially suited to the examination of components with shiny and diffuse-scattering surfaces. Inspection characteristics including scratches, burrs, dents, discolouration or grinding marks, even if only a few micrometres deep can be detected with significantly greater certainty with this process, than with conventional image processing systems.