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Line scan bars (aka contact image sensors - CIS)

Line scan bars (aka contact image sensors - CIS) are an attractive alternative to common line scan cameras. They’re much easier and faster to set up, offer high sensitivity and extremely fast data rates.

This page covers how the technology works with some examples of applications it’s well suited to.

Line Scan Bar Explainer Video

... the Line Scan Bar is compact and self-contained.

The sensor, lens and light are all packed into a single unit. So there's no need for any adjustments once the system is mounted.

Every CIS is dispatched with precalibrated register holes, to enable accurate mounting on alignment pins, for:

  • Swift deployment on new installations. As the unit is completely self contained, all the components (sensor, lens and light) are in the right place. So once its mounted, there's no more adjustments required.
  • No risk of decalibration during maintenance. The unit can be removed and easily remounted once the maintenance procedures have been carried out.
  • Simple replacement (and replication) procedures. If the unit is replaced, it will be an identical fit to it's predecessor. With the register holes ensuring it is aligned correctly. This makes for easy replication onto other machines as well.

"With just four screws and four cables, the CIS can be installed in just a few minutes" - Mitsubishi Electric


No, it’s not the name of the latest pop group. Rod lenses are cylindrical lenses with very flat surfaces at either end

As the CIS system collimates the light, it results in equal magnification of the object, right across the sensor

ie, its mapped 1:1

Infographic download

We've created a large, high resolution, infographic that you can download as an easy reference guide

Ask the expert

I’m Jan Friedrich, one of the sales specialists on Line Scan Bars at STEMMER IMAGING.

Get in touch if you've got any questions and we'll try our best to help you out.

Product information

The Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar series offers the perfect solution for the inspection of flat or nearly flat surfaces and objects.


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