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Intelligent lighting for the 21st century | Part 3

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Innovative camera features - Part 1

In the first of this series we'll be looking at two technologies that could help to speed up your data transfer and improve system reliability:

TurboDrive & Trigger-to-image Reliability (T2IR)

The GigE Vision protocol is the most popular choice for machine vision applications


This patent pending technology manages to push beyond the Gigabit Ethernet speed limit.

It does this by reducing image data and changing the hardware and software

no, not even slightly...

By packing pixel data into datapackets more efficiently, the breakthrough increases data throughput by 20-150%

... so you can squeeze a lot more lines / frame rates into a Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure...

...or aggregate information from multiple cameras onto a single physical link

...all whilst maintaining the same hardware and software architecture

So, you’ve managed to connect all of your trigger mechanisms, cameras, framegrabbers, lights, and the software is running.

All seems to be ok, until something goes wrong. Is it...

...a triggering fault?

...a vision system processing failure? image transfer failure?

Wouldn't it be great if you could look inside the black box?

Monitor, audit, diagnose and debug the system...


By using a combination of software and hardware features, this framework can...

TurboDrive meets T2IR

The DALSA Genie Nano comprises a multitude of features in a stunningly small and robust housing. Additionally TurboDrive will make you reach speeds you thought to be unachievable with a GigE network and T2IR increases system reliability.

Infographic download

We've created a large, high resolution, infographic that you can download as an easy reference guide.

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