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Compact Lenses For Optimum Imaging with 8 MPixel Image Sensors

14 Apr 2010

A new range of compact lenses from Schneider Kreuznach have been launched which give a uniform distribution of light across larger format multi megapixel sensors as well as high imaging performance.

The special optical design of the new lenses allows an even response across the entire high resolution sensor by removing the shading effects caused by the micro lenses that form an integral part of the pixel structure. The new lenses are designed for use with up to 8 Mpixel sensors and with image formats less then 1.3".

Although megapixel image sensors use micro lenses to gather more of the available light and focus it onto the active pixel area, when the incident light arrives at a very shallow angle, the micro lens will refract it so that it doesn't reach this area. This is most noticeable with asymmetric pixel areas, where more light is collected along one axis, producing an unwanted shading effect. The new high-resolution, robust C-Mount lenses remove this effect and are optimised for use with 8 megapixel 1.3" sensors which have a large image circle of 24 mm.

With a 1.3" sensor, the relatively short focal length allows a large coverage range at a short working distance. The new lenses are available in four focal lengths ranging from 20mm to 50 mm. The lenses are broadband coated and can be used in the visible range (400 - 700 nm) or the near infrared range (700 - 1000 nm). The rugged, vibration resistant construction includes an industrial- strength mount, precision-focus fine thread, click-stop-free iris and an iris lock with knurled screw.

The new lenses have a wide range of applications, including machine vision, transport and traffic control, tube and inline inspection, defect detection and classification, 2D/3D measurement, robot vision, security and automotive crash tests.

Schneider Kreuznach

Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH is a worldwide recognised manufacturer of high-performance lenses and filters as well as optical and mechanical components for industrial applications. The parent company is located in Bad Kreuznach/Germany with subsidiaries in Germany, Asia and the US.