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Perfect protection

14 Oct 2010

Because industrial quality aluminium extrusions are used to construct the CVX protective housing, high stability is ensured despite their light weight. The IP67 housings are available in three sizes for different lens lengths, they protect the camera, optics and illumination in an optimal way against water splash, dust and mechanical damage.

They are suitable for compact cameras with an overall height of 29mm up to approximately 39mm, making them suitable for all models in AVT's Guppy, Marlin and Stingray series, the DALSA Genie series, JAI's C3 and A series, the Cognex In-Sight micro cameras, Toshiba's 3CCD HDTV cameras and many other cameras from a wide range of manufacturers.

Even lenses up to 160mm long can be installed into these housings. If necessary, filters can be mounted directly into the housing cover. Any heat produced is dissipated outwards by means of a special construction and a patented heat-guidance system. In this respect the housings function as an additional cooling element which helps to avoid overheating - even at higher ambient temperatures. Lower sensor temperatures that are guaranteed in this way ensure reduced image noise and thus better quality images.

The scope of delivery of the housing, which is just a little larger than the camera plus lens and plug, includes a large set of mounting accessories. We can also develop an individual housing concept on request.


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