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Qioptiq MeVis-CF: robust quality

14 Oct 2010

Qioptiq presents the first product of the new Linos Mevis-CF series, this version has a focal length of 25 mm.

The similarity to the name of the well-known MeVis-C series is no coincidence since the same high-quality lenses are used in both products. The difference between the two models is the mechanism: Qioptiq has the aim to integrate with the new MeVis-CF series the often proven optical quality into a housing that allows more robust, smaller and more well-priced lenses. To achieve these three aims, the MeVis-CF series is equipped with a fix aperture. Each focal length will be available in different versions with different light intensities. By doing this without an iris diaphragm, it is possible to obtain very robust lenses without moving parts. The camera is focused by turning a fine thread and fastening it by means of a clamp screw. The result is a lens suitable for industrial applications and with an excellent optical quality.

Qioptiq Mevis

High-quality, linear corrected, precision lenses for high-resolution cameras. Suitable for measurement applications.


München, Germany

Qioptiq designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of markets and applications in the areas of industrial manufacturing, medical and life sciences, research and development, defence and aerospace.