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Strobe lights for industry and traffic applications

14 Oct 2010

The VTR2 series by Gardasoft includes high power strobe lights that are particularly suitable for traffic applications, such as the automatic number plate recognition or uniform illumination of large areas in the industry.

The VTR2 range of line LEDs provides an efficient, stable high brightness strobe source with a fast repetition rate. The lights can strobe in free running mode, or they can accept an external trigger signal to synchronise the light with a camera.

Available in a range of infrared wavelengths (740nm, 850nm and 940nm) and white light for use with colour cameras, together with a choice of beam angles, the lights can be configured to meet the spectral needs of the imaging system as well as the field of view. The weather-proof housing is rated to IP66.

The VTR2 is capable of illuminating complete vehicles. The high brightness output makes the lights ideally suited to traffic applications where the distance of the vehicle from the optical system is increased and allows for more information to be gained from the image rather than just the vehicle number plate.

A serial interface provides access both to the light settings such as the light temperature and to a diagnostic capability in the unlikely event of an LED failure. Since the thermal management of the LEDs is critical to long service life, the VTR light has an internal temperature limit and will automatically shutdown if this is exceeded.

Gardasoft VTR2 - Traffic Monitoring LED Strobe Lights
  • Powerful LED illumination source for traffic monitoring
  • Suitable for day time and night time operation
  • Fully integrated with internal timing, brightness control and long distance communications
  • Compact IP66 rated housings for harsh environments
Gardasoft Vision

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Gardasoft Vision Ltd, established in Cambridge in 1999, is a world leader in programmable lighting controllers and very intensive LED illuminators.