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High-speed by Optronis

17 Mar 2011

Optronis high-speed cameras are now also available via STEMMER IMAGING in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Optronis GmbH is a manufacturer of high-quality high-speed cameras. Since being founded in 2000, the company has focused on high-speed cameras and ultra high-speed camera technology. The company is based in Kehl and represented worldwide via a network of distributors and partners which have included our subsidiaries in the UK and France for some years now. As of now, STEMMER IMAGING also sells Optronis products in the sales areas covered by the offices in Germany and Switzerland.

The Optronis CamRecord CL product range offers powerful high-speed cameras for real-time data acquisition and measuring technology. High speed image acquisition and analysis are the forte of the CamRecord CR series.

The CamRecord CL300x2 and CL600x2 are equipped with exceptionally light- sensitive high-speed CMOS sensors with 1.3 million pixels and are available in monochrome and colour with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. This allows acquisition speeds of between 125 and 500 images per second respectively. Depending on the model and the configuration, the image data is transported at 8 or 10 Bits via CameraLink (base, medium or full). The region of interest (ROI) is freely selectable with these cameras, which allows acquisition speeds of up to 120,000 images per second for reduced image sections.

Even under poor light conditions the CamRecord CL, with its superior light sensitivity of 2500 ISO/ASA, opens up new applications for optical monitoring and control at high speed. The selectable dynamic adaptation (Dual Slope) and the possibility of freely determining the size and position of up to 4 ROIs completes this product range. Of course we would be pleased to advise you on a suitable frame grabber.

The CamRecord CR series includes six monochrome high-speed CMOS cameras with ring memories, which are available with resolutions ranging from 0.26 to 4 Megapixels. The cameras can be ordered with different memory capacities from 2 to 16 GBytes. High-speed image acquisition takes place directly in the memory of the camera. The image data can then be transferred offline to the PC for analysis via the GigE port.

The CR series products are supplied with Optronis TimeBench control software. This software allows setting of camera parameters, display of images in real time, and recording of high-speed sequences. It offers unskilled users easy entry to high-speed video photography as well as offering powerful features for the synchronized operation of several cameras in a network. This includes an image trigger for automatic recording, adding logos and text to sequences, the export of AVI formats, as well as the measurement of image content.

Optronis cameras offer their users maximum performance, flexibility, and user- friendliness in extremely compact form and are thus suitable for a number of interesting applications.


Kehl, Germany

Optronis, located in Kehl/Germany, provides ultra high-speed and streak cameras that are easy to use and integrate and are ideal for capturing ultra-fast moving events of different types in scientific and industrial applications.