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AT C4-2040-GigE: High Speed in 3D

28 Jul 2011

Automation Technology is adding a further model to its successful C4 series of high speed 3D sensors. The C4-2040-GigE has a 2048 x 1088 pixel resolution with 66 million 3D points at a profile frequency of 32 kHz. The model C4-2040 -4M-GigE is also available with resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels.

The new flagship for the C4 camera series from AT unites the outstanding characteristics of existing models, whilst combining high measuring speed with a mega-pixel resolution. These key features are possible thanks to the completely new design of the camera. The C4-2040-GigE stands out from other laser triangulation sensors because of its unique price-performance ratio.

3D sensor for Laser Triangulation

The 3D sensor uses a global shutter and exposes all pixels simultaneously, producing exceptionally sharp, clear pictures. The new C4 camera also supports AT’s HDR 3D technology, where the camera’s sensor uses Multi-Slope and Multi- Frame readouts. In this way, the camera reaches a dynamic of 90 dB and even scans materials and surfaces with very inhomogeneous reflectivity properties. Additional key features for fast 3D measuring include the high light- sensitivity of the C4-2040 sensors and their high sensitivity in the NIR spectrum.

GigE Vision and GenICam

As with all C4 cameras, the new model also has a Gigabit Ethernet interface and meets the GigE Vision standard. In combination with the GenICam protocol, effort required for its integration is reduced to a minimum. Configuration is carried out with Plug & Play with access to the camera via a standard interface. The new C4 camera from Automation Technology, like all GigE Vision cameras from STEMMER IMAGING, comes with CVB?2011 CameraSuite MultiOS.

Automation Technology C4 -Smart high speed 3D cameras
  • Laser scanning sensors with very fast measurement speeds and high resolutions
  • 3D imaging using the laser scanning triangulation method
  • Smart camera architecture
Automation Technology

Bad Oldesloe, Germany

Automation Technology or AT for short, was founded in 1998 and is located in Bad Oldesloe, Germany. The company manufactures 3D cameras and sensors for fast three dimensional measurements based on the sheet-of-light triangulation principle.