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Cables: Thoroughly Tested Before Delivery

29 Jul 2011

As vision systems evolve, we tend to see more cameras per system, faster data rates and the use of network technology between the camera and PC.

All these factors increase demands on the cabling and poor cabling or incorrect network switches can cause unreliable performance. It is important that your cable provider uses the correct equipment to ensure poor cable quality does not cause problems. We have invested in the latest Fluke cable testing equipment to ensure our cables perform to the highest levels.

Quality assurance for your cables

Using the Fluke DTX Cable Analyzer™ we are able to identify faulty cables and diagnose the fault type and location. Parameters like cable impedance, capacitance, data skew and signal crosstalk are all analysed and can be validated against cable specifications to ensure compliance. If required we can even supply a test certificate for each cable tested. Used, The equipment not only tests copper cables, but also optical fibres, where the purity of the fibre ends and the attenuation of optical fibres can be documented.

Network Topology Measurement

The Fluke OptiView™ Series III Network Analyzer is used specifically for GigE Vision cable installations and allows us to measure the throughput rate of complete network topologies. We use this to validate the performance of Ethernet switches and the cables we supply for GigE Vision applications. We also offer this service to our customers to validate complete network installations. Please contact our team of trained engineers for detailed information in this service.
The testing defined to meet cable standard can be very different from how the cable will be used. With camera link, every application can have a different data speed and number of data taps defined by the camera and different cable length defined by the mechanical layout.

STEMMER IMAGING in partnership with CEI have the capability to fully test a specific CameraLink cable, not only to meet the standard but also to perform tests in order to meet specific application requirements. This enables us to provide a test on every CEI cable that it will not only meet the standard but also work with the full range of cameras to the required cable length - something we believe is unique.

The software generates a sequence of data bit combinations that tests the crosstalk between every bit combination, changing at a range of data speeds. This enables us to validate a cable such that it will work without corruption at a specific cable length. While this may not be important for many mid range cameras that operate at less than the 10m specification, it enables us to validate the cable for use with the fastest cameras and also to validate reliable operation when being used beyond the standard 10m length.

This means we provide validated cables that perform above and beyond the standard in terms of cable length, with different cameras with different maximum lengths. With this capability we are able remove the guesswork when extending cable lengths.

If you have a need for this type of testing, just get in touch with our team of trained engineers.


Puchheim, Germany

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