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Imaging & Robotics: Cables for Robotics

27 Jul 2011

Do you need cables for robotics? In this case, we probably have exactly what you're looking for!

You probably already know that at our in-house production facility we are able to produce standard cables plus a wide range of cables qualified for drag chain use and equipped with the most common interfaces for image processing. Did you also know that that we can supply robotic grade cables for the industrial sector? Our cables for CameraLink, Gigabit Ethernet, USB2.0, FireWire A/B and analogue robotic cables cover all interfaces relevant to image processing, thus allowing their use in applications with high torsional strain.

Industrial Cables

Our IND cables are provided with industry-compatible connector types, some of which are moulded and screwed. These cables meet the highest requirements in terms of torsional and flexural strain, which makes them predestined for use with multi-axis robots.

Resistance due to Outer Jacket

The PUR outer jacket of our CameraLink, Ethernet and USB cables and the analogue robotic cables provide high mechanical resistance in terms of notched impact strength and wear resistance. They also guarantee high resistance to extreme temperatures, oils and coolants and also high UV resistance. Moreover, most cables are UL-approved, free of paint-wetting impairment substances and have a halogen-free jacket. For our industry-compatible FireWire cables, we rely on a highly flexible PVC jacket.

Customised Cable Design for Imaging & Machine Vision

For the cable design, we can incorporate your custom requirements and produce varying cable lengths within the specifications along with the relevant interfaces. To ensure that your cables are delivered to you free of errors and exactly to your specifications, our specialists will ensure that each cable is thoroughly tested after production and before delivery.


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